About Bar Botanik

Bar Botanik was formed by a joining of forces between family members who shared a passion for beautiful spaces. Daniel, Robert and Fesi set out to create an inner city haven for people with a similar love of all things botanical including rare and hard to find plants as well as quality homewares and coffee. They wanted to create a space where people could stop by during their busy day to enjoy a relaxing moment amongst the greenery.

The owners of Bar Botanik are proud to have created an open and inclusive space, set in a historic building on Fitzgerald street for all those in the local community to enjoy.

Daniel, Robert and Fesi each developed a love of all things botanical from a very young age. They have quite a large collection at home where they are constantly propagating, growing and sourcing those hard to find plants for the store. You will see them in the store every day, with other family members and friends also working hard behind the scenes to make the space so special to visit.